Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Chrome is Phenomenal

One more milestone in Google's history when they have launched the impeccable browser Chrome. I read about Chrome in Times of India yesterday, and I was furious to see how it looks and works. Today as I walked into the office, the first thing I did was download and install the browser Chrome. I feel Chrome resembles Picasa (web album by Google) in look and feel. It opens as fast as a notepad and the interface is also as simple as notepad. Apparently it seems it will beat Opera in speed and response. Importantly it does not have any array of menus or heavy tool bars.
It looks very gentle and light with a simple address bar and tab bar. Controls which are currently active in the browser are automatically highlighted with saffron color, which helps people who predominantly use keyboard rather than mouse. All the menu and options are embedded on the right side of your browser as a drop down menu. It makes your browser spacious to display content of the site your are surfing. Menus are grouped in to two main categories like Control menus and Customize menus.

Snap of Google Chrome

Control menu  & Customize Menu                                                          
Its left to you to exercise the functions of each menu shown above. Chrome is using the Internet setting of MSIE. Options menu will take you to the proxy setting of IE browser.

Incognito Window
Google does not fail to enthrall people with unique features. It has an option called "incognito window", which will not store the browsing history and they won't leave other traces, like cookies

For Developers
      The highlight of the browser for web developers is the developer menu, which allows us to debug the java script of the site we are browsing. Chrome has also provided a console for Javascript and it will help us in checking the Javascript and the Stylesheet (CSS) used in the page. Google has incorporated all the functionality of web-developer plugins provided by firefox inside its browser itself.
Task manager
Chrome handles every tab as a different operating system process, which helps in handling the unresponsive windows separately. It also encapsulate the functionality of one tab from other. So if any tab hangs because of some issue, it won't affect the other tabs performance and evidently allow us to kill it by leaving the others untouched. Chrome also provides a separate task manager for the browser for killing the "not responding" tabs. Task Manager provides you same valuable details like memory consumption and CPU. One step further we can drill memory statistics of the tabs in your browser up to its process nerds.
If you click the stats for nerds in your task manager, it will show you the panoramic details of each process like
  • Process id
  • Virtual Memory
  • Physical Memory
  • Private and shared split up of each memory.
Stats For Nerds
Chrome is simply a heap of ingenious functionality with unbelievable speed. Its awesome, isn't it?


Hemant Saluja said...

Hi, Karthi thanks a lot for launching 'Chrome' now the users can take more and more help before this.

Hemant kumar pan

Sunil said...

nice analysis will help others a lot :-)

Hariharan Ragunathan said...

Hi karthi..thats a late report :).. but quite comprehensive one :)...

Hari (I installed within 5 minutes of launch of Chrome)