Monday, September 1, 2008

Addicted to Flash Tennis!!

Online Flash are really perky.Isn't it ? Especially, if you love a game and failed in finding time to play and enjoy it.You can feed your hunger in playing the flash version of the game. As I was fascinated by Cricket and Tennis, I spent most of my leisure time in either reading about the game or playing it with my friends.Once you become a pro you are subjected to relinquish some of your habits (As I left my habit of "obsession to cricket"). For guys who sacrificed playing games these Flash games are real treat.

There are innumerable sites for online Flash games with attractive graphics and challenging rounds. Best of the pack is Tennis. As Sunil listed we use to play Flash Tennis a lot. It is a game which challenges your speed, accuracy, tactics and knowledge of the game. It provides option for you to set your skill level and your opponents' in terms of Forehand ,Backhand, Serve and Footwork in scale of zero to ten.You can choose an exhibition match for practice and tournament for testing your skills.

This game is reachable with simple Google search for "Flash tennis", but obviously you need to have Internet connection. As most of the employers are blocking URLs like flash and games; you could not enjoy tennis in office leisure hours. This provoked me and Sunil to explore the option of downloading the Flash (SWF) and embed it in an excel sheet.We have succeed in doing this. Hopefully we will explain you elaborately on, how to download and embed flash in an excel in near future. But as of now I am attaching the most amazing Flash tennis game here.Enjoy!!

Embeded Flash has been moved to new location for better User Interface.


I would reckon you guys to follow these steps to make it more exciting.
  • Set 10 for you and 8 for you opponent and try to win 3-0.
  • Set 10 for both of you and try to win 3-0.
  • Set 10 to your opponent and 8 to you and try to win 3-0.
  • Set 10 to your opponent and reduce your rating gradually from 8 to 1 and try to win 3-0 in all possible combinations.
We are now trying to post a 3-0 win with a combination of 10 to opponent and 1 to us.Its really an adorable game to play.

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