Sunday, May 20, 2007

Verasaa!! I want this to be Google's sister concern !!

Guys who are from deep southern part of tamilnadu knows this word "verasaa",which is a word of urgency used to express any speedy action.'Speed' a critical word in this world ,connected through network.It is also critical in the world of searching

As of now Google is the master in this area of searching even we call it as "Unevil search and products".Let me come to the point !
We are a pack of engineers from Southern India now working in Mumbai for one of India's biggest service company.Even we got in to this job with great enthusiasm and expectation but this job doesn't fulfill even 50% of our expectation.We are not complaining about our salary but after completing four hard years of engineering we have been asked to work in a project which is considering us as a resource, only for" billing" the customer.I wont blame my company because mangers from Indian IT industries are focussed on getting revenue not in getting or delivering quality projects.After spending few months in this "service industry" our interest turned towards "searching algorithm".So it is quite obvious that our attention turned towards the Giant Google.So what we are planning is to innovate a search algorithm called verasaa...and make this as a sister concern for Google.We are fans of google because of its Algorithm's diginity and their un-evilness in delivering products for free of cost.So you guys can expect Verasaa !! soon.


Ilan said...

Yeah thats good way, also thinking in the emering connected world apart from the searching requriements this world needs more things, so the first challenge will be predicting those things and the next challenge will be making those predictions to be a reality and making every one to seduce on that.

Ilan said...

Yeah Karthick please leave the service industry ASAP, otherwise it will rust ur brain with worthless process and project plans.

Guru said...

Well that is really a noble cause.. Try putting words into action.