Friday, May 18, 2007

Smart Transducer Interface (STI)----It was My dream :(

For automating a system, we need different types of sensors and actuators. Also we need to write separate program for acquiring data from the real world through sensor and for actuators to provide data to the real world. It will be tedious to write separate programs for each resource i.e. sensors and actuators. Our project provides solution for this by constructing a microcontroller based system consists of programmable resources known as Smart Transducer Interface (STI). Programmability of resources can be made flexible and easier using a control word for each resource. Thus automation is made flexible by reading the status word of each sensor and writing the control word of each actuator. The STI comprises of the stepper motor controller, linear sensor module, a simple communication module, frequency measurement module and digital to analog converter. This can be realized through microcontroller, ADC, DAC, centronics connecter, optocoupler and buffer.

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Unknown said...

It is good concept of making automation simpler.Try to implement it. :)