Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feddy Set for a clean sweep of four for this Year !!

The match between "cool cat of grass" and the talented young lad at Hamburg was really a good one to watch (especially for a fan of Feddy like me).
Even the swiss started slowly with one unforced error the way he progressed in the second set and the way he crushed the Nadal in third set has been phenomenal.
It is not easy for anyone to beat a guy who is winning successively for the past 2 years in clay.The highlight of the match is the way Federer improve his perfection in all aspects of the game as match progress.I would say he improved exponentially in the last set to get 6-0.You cannot imagine beating a player 6-0 (in a set) who won consecutively his last 81 matches.I remember the semis of Austrlian open 2007 when Federer crushed Andy for 6-0 in last set of a straght set win.(when Andy was belived to be at his best!!).This show that a platform is ready for Feddy to become the"All time great" surpassing the Sampras by winning a grand-slam in Clay.
People still believe that Nadal is a hot favorite for this French open.Because Nadal want to show his rivalry to Federer for ending his winning streak of 81.But guys ,now Federer got the confident of beating this young talented spaniard!!

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Awesome Stuff for a true tennis fan !!!