Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy Is Back!!

Title is an inspiration from Mr. Barney, man of catchy phrases who has inspired me with his grandiloquent speech even though often it has lame adjectives.

It’s been couple of months now, after I have written a post on Fundamentalism. Time is an amazing entity in this existence which takes us through its manifestations, unconditionally. Lot has happened in these two months which were conglomeration of good and bad, but by the end of the day all are mere perceptions. I came across thoughts and incidents which provoked me to pen down some as posts but I was struggling to conceive all my thoughts as a post of high standards with meticulous flow. It is really motivating to read posts and articles from The Economist, Times of India, but it has created an internal urge for writing new posts with better standards.

Recently added book in my shelf has been a real source of wisdom, English vocabulary and also it explains the physics behind the fabrication of existence and questions one’s understanding of life. Hopefully my next posts will be of real and exciting thoughts which I have perceived in the recent past. With the six senses, our life is stumbling of feeling, varying from agony to ecstasy. It’s really nice to mull over its intricacies.

Let this post be my starter for this season of blogging :)

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Guru said...

Great. It is a good book for sure. Feyman asked the right question and answered a great deal on them.

Of late, there are many books in the same line. I started into some particle science book and a quantum mechanics book (by Kaku). Finally I am confussed a lot reading them. Perhaps I should have studied a little better in physics.

Looking forward from you on the book.