Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fundamentalism is Lethal !!

      This post could be an extension of my previous post and eventually I could have titled it as Rusticating Part II, but intensity of my musings on  unpalatable happenings around our world has made me to change the post’s heading.

      Today, terrorism and its inhumane atrocities occupy most part of our dailies and weeklies. You could give an endless list starting from Kashmir issue & Tamil Elam Issue in Indian sub-continent to Israel-Palestine issue in middle east. Irrespective of geography, ethnicity and culture, the root case for these outrage is fundamentalism. Let me explain my understating of “ How fundamentalism leads to ruthless outrage?”

         “Comparison” is a very basic quality, which human beings possess and uses it in all aspects of life. It gets surfaced in our minds when parents compare us with our counterparts in neighborhood. It is an undeniable fact that “comparison” is  a primary dimension of sixth sense, which helps us in analyzing scenarios and  making decisions. But, we humans use “comparison” the other way around. World clouded with insecurities, instigates people to compare them with others in terms of language, race, color complexion, geography (lets call these as attributes) etc to identify the aspects in which they are better than others to feel a sense of security. Its very human… right? This process has been fueled by hard core belief on one’s culture that we call as fundamentalism. Evilness of “comparison” comes out in the process of glorifying ones attributes people are naturally inclined to show disdain to others. People do this unintentionally as they get involved in the act. Sub-conscious mind of human beings executes the comparison process with “disrespect” as a weapon. Consequently, mutual disdain and disrespect between groups of people hampers the harmony in social living and ultimately make their co-existence impossible.

         It is evident that these kind of thoughts are predominant with narrow-minded people. But the prevailing situation across the world concludes that more communities and its leaders are vulnerable for this “comparison”. It gives them a sense of pride, security, holiness or whatever terminologies which give them a belief that they are superior (indirectly secure). This happens at every level; between two villages in a district, between two states of a country and eventually between two countries and religion. In recent times, India is witnessing results of these fundamentalism in forms communal riots and cross border terrorism. So border issues, communal problems and terrorism are derivatives of fundamentalist thoughts endorsed by extremist act.

       If you take any issue as an example, both sides (involved) can list innumerable points to justify or rationalize their stand, supported by historical data and sentiments of people. In fighting for the cause of unreal attributes, people  forget the basics of life i.e LIVING. Yes, solution should be derived, but, by considering the fact that people in the concerned region are born to live.

      “Comparison” is natural and a quintessential part of life. It separates us from animals. The good or evil depends on how we decipher the result of comparison; either with narrow-mind to cause social disintegration or with open-mind to cause social harmony. Life with no disdain for anyone, open minded thinking, social tolerance, non-fundamentalist leadership would improve the social harmony and make this world a place to live.


Saurabh Jadhav said...

Nice thoughts!! A serious one da!!
May be they can use a bubble sort before comparision to reduce the negative vibes with the bubbles ;)
Sorry I guess I wrote something wrong here...

Sajid Khan said...

10 on 10 for the message u have so aptly summarized in the sentence": people forget the basics of life i.e. LIVING". If only all the people followed the same funda..

Guru said...

Nice thoughts... People should learn to leave and co-exist. Btw, long time, no posting yet? Busy or what?!?!

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post on fundamentalism is lethal. It should be very much helpfull.

Karim - Positive thinking