Monday, July 7, 2008

Unbelievable Match I have ever witnessed!!

It was midnight quarter passed two, I was at the edge of the seat watching the Wimbledon 2008 Final between impeccable Federer and the young roaring Nadal.It is evident from my older blogs that, I am an admirer and a die hard fan of Federer, and obviously I was expecting Roger to crush Nadal to get his sixth consecutive title at England lawn tennis Club. As everyone expected it was a thrilling match both the world top rank players showed their elegance and enthralled the cloud with amazing serves, forehands, volleys and backhands.

Analogous Arch-rivalry
It was the repeat of 1980 finals between flawless Borg and the fighter McEnroe.This final was also an analogous match between a five time champion and a young emerging player. McEnroe emerged as a winner of that Final stopping Borg from taking his six consecutive Title. Nadal emerged as a winner of yesterdays final stopping the king of grass from breaking the record of his role-model. Both players were absolutely spotless in shot selection and played with great heart and temperament.

Defensive Federer
Federer was too much defensive in first two sets and payed the penalty for it. Federer was aiming to avoid the strong forehand return from Nadal by pushing the ball to the wrong hand of Nadal. I am seeing him using the same strategy from French Open final 2008.But Federer failed to execute his plan to perfection, which results in unnecessary unforced errors. For the last two weeks Federer was hardly doing more than couple of unforced errors. But to play his new strategy he played avoiding some great forehand chances and tried too much on Nadal’s serve. It ultimately cause the champion to lose two opening sets.

Great Comeback
Being two set down in final and playing third set with much calm and composure is possible only for Feddy. He started playing like a champion in the third set which went for tie break and Federer eased it through his immaculate Aces. I was able to see a Sampras inside Federer especially in his drop-shot and consistent forehands close to the baseline.
Come on Federer!!” I shouted from my heart. I still remember a quote by Shane Warne
“I never fall out of my game. Sometimes I may, But when ever I comeback, I comeback strongly”
Federer was showing these line his as character to the crowd in the fourth set. Even he failed to break Nadal throughout fourth set; he was storming through the tie break with strong, high and accurate serves. Nadal was nervous and missed a championship point in the fourth set.“Thank God!!” I was praying for my hero.

Ultimate Match
The crowd was astonished to see a rally kind of match extending for more than four and half hours. Rain interrupted the match twice which was good for the spectators to take some breathe. When the players walked out for the second time, when matched stopped due to rain the score was :
              Sets    Game   Points
Nadal       2        2           40
Federer    2        2           40
shows it was nothing but an amazing tennis match in the history. The aroma of excitement was around us even at 2 ‘O clock in the midnight, when we were watching the match. The level of composure botht these guys showed was really a point we have to learn from this game.

The Decider
Again Federer was too much defensive and trying to play on wrong hand side of Nadal made several attempts to break the Spaniard bit all went in vain. Fifth set went to 6-6 as the match was reaching the pinnacle of nervous excitement. Finally too much of unforced errors from Federer and agility and endurance of Nadal helped the latter to break Federer’s serve, which ultimately provided a new player capable of winning against the five time champion at his own den. I found Nadal has improved his game a lot especially in serve and backhand. “Congrats Nadal!!”,I admired
Every true lover of the game witnessed the fantastic and unbelievable match. All the tennis greats expressed their opinions.

“Federer wouldn't be Federer if he didn't come back with something amazing”
 -By Boris Becker
“It's so tough to pinpoint one area where Nadal won it. There was barely anything to separate them; it just came down to a question of the Spaniard's endurance and his sheer determination.”
- By Tim Henman

Federer was beaten in the grass after 6 years. It was an unbelievable record winning streak of 65 matches, which has given him five consecutive titles. I feel everything is perfect about Roger Federer, except his fear for Nadal. If you list out the qualities of both player definitely Roger will have an edge over Nadal in

• Strong and Accurate Serve
• Fluent Backhand
• Drop shots and Volleys

But still his fear over Nadal’s victory over him in the last few Finals has made a huge influence in Federer’s game. But still he is the master of the game. He just need to believe that he can beat Nadal, the rest will happen with the quality of the game he is playing since 2003.
We can expect even a better game if these two greats meet in the near future. But I believe in Shane’s Words.”Come on Feddy!!”


IgnorantChevalier said...

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I saw what happened to an innocent guy in Thiagarajar and how things ended up for him as a result of blogging. Ever since, i have developed an allergy for blogs. But reading blogs like this makes me double-think my stand. I guess to start with i'm going to start reading your blogs and then once i pick up the tricks of the trade, start my own blog !!!

Pari said...

That was an amazing story buddy! I saw the match from your words... I guess like Nadal, you are also getting better and better... Keep going...