Saturday, April 19, 2008

God equated to energy !

I remember those long discussion with my friends about the existence of God.Mostly all of those discussion use to start politely and gain some verbosity, finally end up with every one insisting their own views.Mostly It use to happen with me and Reuben.We use to give shape and life to our thoughts with little explanation using  physics.This physics has created a bond between me and him when we were in eleventh standard, where we play some ridiculous game with SI units.

After college life we depart, I am in Mumbai now and he is working in Chennai.Two days back I got a mail from him explaining God and something spiritual.I thought of replying my thought / understanding of god, to that mail.

What I feel is God in general is the energy involved in this world. It may be in the form of nature or inside a human being or may be as a thought in someone's mind. Man has no power on the energy existing in this word as we cannot create or destroy it, we are just transformers (as Law of conservation of Energy says).you have transformed your energy to get a job. I am transforming my energy to write this letter. Now you might have a question of the source energy from where all the existing energies are transformed. Science has some prediction for this. I guess you know about this..I.e. the single hydrogen atom blasted out and formed these galaxies. But Science don't have proof for this!

You know pretty well you cannot give shape to energy, But we humans are perceiving it with a shape of the object where energy resides. For some people god is stone as he thinks that the energy is within the stone; for some people it is light as they believe the energy of light is god. We all know that energy is the source of life; you can say god is source of life if you believe god is nothing but this cosmos with energy. Study of energy for understanding it logically is science. Experiencing the same energy within you (Feeling the same energy within you) is what is spiritual. For Einstein it is E where he found that Energy can be derived or transformed from mass. He has not experienced it but he experimented with energies around him to find the relationship between the mass and energy inside the mass.

I know people are saying that you cannot formulate everything as Einstein did for Energy, and they are saying you can just feel/experience it. Logically reasoning the existence and the energy with which it has been imbibed may be practically not possible for a normal human brain.

But for me, since from my first class to this letter all are logical. My brain hesitate to accept anything without logical base (i.e experiencing the energy).I firmly believe that one day this world will have formulation or scientific explanation for energy in this ambience

I just wrote what I understood.


Karthikeyan M

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Hariharan Ragunathan said...

It was a good explaination about your views on GOD( Energy ..or Whatever he/she/it is) ... a Shape was given to it just to make people hold to it in the later centuries... It was Nature worships earlier by pagans and then.. it shifted gradually to where we are now.. Da vinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown is a must read for you .. Though these are fictional this had a lot of research involved in it..and about Logic if you say about Logic you must read about Logical Paradoxes also like Russel Paradox