Friday, January 4, 2008

Is Masters a MUST ...?

Recently I have attended a seminar by Steven Feuerstein ,arranged by Quest software.There I met a person named Krishan Thyagarajan ,executive officer for Quest for Asia pacific.we were discussing about Oracle,PL/SQL and products of Quest and Indian IT industry.He told that with  employees of around 1 lakh, these big Indian IT industries are like Indian railways.I got a bit angry when he said this ,but when I think later I realized it is true.

 Now the strategy of almost all Indian IT company is to hire more people to bid more more projects with less margin.Since we are bidding for low margin the quality of product  we are expected to deliver is also less.So the work our IT industry doing is not a creative one ,its just following some set of process to deliver a product in working condition.Now new engineers are flooding into IT industry.If you can manage a bit of English and little knowledge to write a code to sort n numbers in C will get you a job in current IT industry,from where you can manage to be an ML in one year,then so called onsite in two years and then after 4 or 5 years you will be a will earn money for sure But the question is the quality of work we are doing.!

The real view of Indian IT industry will show you how bad it is and where it is heading to ?

I  was really interested in knowing how the industry will be in US , I got an opportunity to meet my friend's brother who has completed his bachelor of engineering in PILANI and completed his MS is University of Texas and doing his executive MBA in London business school.We talked to him about.... what MS is all about....what kind of Job we will get...Indian education system....etc.I understood that real difference in the quality of work they are doing and the product they are delivering.

 When I was in my under-grads I got a couple of friends preparing for GRE to get in to their grads in US.Since I was unaware of Indian IT industries' standard and attracted by the package I trapped myself here.More over I was complacent about getting placed in campus after my bachelors.

I think going for masters after you bachelors will give you real depth of knowledge ,which I love to gain and will also get the exposure to international standard in studies and research.So I think people who are feeling they are not the correct person to slog for poor Indian managers can think about going for MS / MBA.

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Hariharan Ragunathan said...

Hi karthi,

A small doubt , You have mentioned "More over I was complaisant about getting placed in campus after my bachelors". Here is that complaisant or it should be Complacent. I felt Complacent would be apt i guess, but your word also fits to an extent but not the intent which you mean I guess