Monday, January 7, 2008

A Blissful trip to Alibag !

I can count the number of times I went out with my friends in Mumbai.So I accepted the invitation from Vinoth when he asked me for the first time.We planned to have a trip to Nagaon a beach in Alibag near Mumbai.

As I planned, I woke up by half past five in morning and got ready to move to Thane station by 7.AM.As we  planned we all six were there in station.I wondered to see same normal Mumbai crowd even by morning 7 AM .(I questioned myself where these guys are going ? why the hell Mumbai is hyper crowded !!).We finally managed to catch a fast local by 7.30 AM.We reached CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) within the next 45 minutes.(that's why people in Mumbai prefers local I guess).

Pulkit, one of our partner was waiting there with ticket ready.Actually the ticket is for a traveling in a ferry from CST to Alibag .we got in to the ferry and stared our one hour journey towards Alibag .It was really an entertaining journey from Colaba which started with panoramic view of gateway of India followed by cool breeze from sea.We reached Alibag by half past 10 AM and had our breakfast there.

We bargained with an auto Bhai for 150 bucks for traveling from Alibag to Nagaon.Apart from me and Vinoth everyone use to converse in Hindi. I really enjoyed Hindi when they are talking to each other and even when I tried to converse.Sunny was translating to me when I was not getting some tough typical words in Hindi.Everyone was showing their talent in photography and giving pose to snaps.we reached Nagaon by 11 AM finally.

It was a beach with decent crowd and less waves.We played football where me,Pulkit and Himanshu was a team and rest four as one team lead by Vinoth.we have made seven attempts to score but all went in vain.If you considered ball possession  we had the ball for more than 75% of time.After 20 minutes all of our voltage level drops to we decide to have an additional time of 10 minutes where any goal will be the golden goal.Finally I managed to score one goal ( like Therriy Henry use to do for Arsenal now for Barcelona :) ).

Then we played for sometime in water and had lunch by 3 PM.Finally we started from there by ferry and reached Colaba.I heard from Hari that India lost the match @ Sydney by 122 Runs.I was really disappointed .I came to know from news that couple of bad decision from umpires made India down.

Over all it was a really a blissful tour with my seniors like Pulkit and Vinoth.

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Hariharan Ragunathan said...

One more Comment Karthik, :) Some how today two things struk in my Eyes... CST is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. There was a mention on Churchgate , did you go there really...