Thursday, December 20, 2007

Couple of days as a manager

I don't want to be actually but circumstances made me to be.... for last couple of days, not to manage a project, just to manage a team of five.Most of the time I was sending mails to my mates for closing the issue.I use to expect the reply soon and get disappointed.I think man management is a skill as such.As a manager/lead we need to

  • Identify the work
  • Assign to the concern person
  • Get it done
  • Motivate people(you should not compete with your team member)
  • Should not be short tempered

If you do everything you will get the output at the end of the day that your team has accomplished things.But I think

the activity of management will eat your time and stop you from spending time on things you are interested in.

It all depends on what you want in life :)

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