Wednesday, December 12, 2007

After a Loooong Break !

I am been writing this blog after a long time. I am feeling happy to back here. I remember I wrote my last blog about Feddys class @ Wimbledon. Days passed and months passed.
were I came across things like Himanshu left.....Feddy won US open again...Rahul resigned… Got 4 rating.... got new laptop... new interest in Oracle... completed OCA....died for M6 for last 6 months again got same rating :(...New interest in MS....
Life is going onnn in its own way....... Now I am thinking that I have to focus on what I need in life.... not doing what ever i like on that day. So my actions will be focused and I will start moving towards what i want.
But I know life is not about the destiny.. Its about enjoying the journey towards our destiny!

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