Friday, June 22, 2007

Lemuria Part-2

Lemuria had been the place where human race was belived to be originated.That part of the world had been termed as KUMARI-KANDAM in tamil.The culture of people and language used by them ,about he kings ruled that part of the world and literature existed at that time in Kumarikandam has been clearly explained in the tamil literature SILAPATHIKARAM by a tamil scholar Ilangovadikal.

We all know that there were three kingdom in tamil Pandiya,Chera and Chola.I have read that initially there were only one kingdom in the Lemuria called Pandiya then one king separated the entire landscape into three parts to his children,as time rolls they become three separate kingdom.

Also the geographical structure of Lemuria has been explained a bit in his literature.There was a mountain near present Kanyakumari similar to Himalayas and You can see the map drawn according to the data we got from literatures in that age

Figure-Lemuria Map-Predicted Map

People in this region of Lemuria spoke Tamil.They had their language with structure grammar and more literatures and poets,as we know people has been divided according to the place where they live like

  • Kurunji
  • Marutham
  • Mulai
  • Neithal
  • Palai

These five types of land and people and their foods and dresses all have been discussed in literatures from that time.Sivan was the primary GOD for those people apart from their "Kula-theivam" a god for group of people.

I found this word Kula-theivam has been still used in all part of India in almost all languages as follows

Kula-Thevam Tamil
Kula-Theivam Kannada
Kula-theiva Telugu
Kula-theivak Marati

This shows how people from the continent of Lemuria migrated towards northern India.In the next part we will see the disaster happen to our Lemuria

Let me continue later........