Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Cliché !!

 “It’s been long since I have written a post”

       this has almost become a preface for all my recent posts. Blogging is the best  way to organize the data you have in mind. We know, Learning is the process of reading/hearing/visualizing and understanding information. The common misconception is, the process of learning does not end with simply knowing facts and statistics. The real understating begins, as we start organizing the data we have learned. It could be either in our mind or in an external medium. Blogging does this exact transition of  teaching our consciousness about our subconscious learning.

    I think, blogging should be done as and when you feel like expressing something. Failing to do so might dilute the crux of the information you would like to convey. I have a number of scenarios, experiences, and mullings, which flashes in my mind and inspired me to write, but failed miserably to get converted in to post, because of my  immature time management and my nomadic interests.

“Time and Space”, “Science behind booking tickets in IRCTC” ,” Abstraction is amazing” are some of the posts which blossomed and vanished out of my mind before I could find some time to write.

     Instantaneous and micro-blogging tools like Twitter has made blogger’s life easy, obviously by making them lazy. Eventually, It has made some occasional and emerging bloggers impotent. Twitter is good in the way of communicating your thoughts short and quick though its dirty. At the same time, it grabs once opportunity to write a well thought and planned posts by serving a perky way to share your thoughts in Mobile phones.

I know, humans always wanted a scapegoat to blame for their failure. Analyzing my situations make one thing clear for me         

              The need of the hour is “discipline”.


Anoop Vijayan said...

A good read! I would like to add that blogging at time acts to relieve your stress also. Its like going and confessing to a Chaplain in church.

Keep blogging

Anoop Vijayan

Rajesh said...

good to read...keep blogging...wanna read more articles from u...

Sandeep said...

Nice blog on blogging :)

Guru said...

Nice post. Was that a new year resolution? One way you can use, and I do to keep blogging is, use a offline blogging client (I use Windows LIVE writer), draft the post, write it for some time, and post it when you connect to net.

Unknown said...

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