Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick Fix in a Blog

While writing a blog on Flash tennis, I have embedded the flash tennis game in my blog. I was happy to present this to my readers, but I forgot the fact that this flash file was having an audio playing in the background. So, whenever someone open the site, flash will be loaded and and eventually they will get the sound produced by the flash file. Reader opening my blog from a silent place may get annoyed by the unexpected loud noise. Shankar, one of my friend had experienced this, when he casually opened my pages when he was in a library. I understood the problem when he conveyed the message to me, and the same instigate me to provide an immediate fix for this bug in my writing. Here is the fix,

  • Download the html code from this Link.
  • Open a notepad.
  • Paste this code and save the file with HTML extension
  • Open the file with a browser you will get the flash tennis.

I have removed the attached flash from my old blog. Shankar’s advice at right time will help me to avoid my readers getting annoyed.

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