Sunday, April 6, 2008

English words of Tamil origin

I don't know whether I am obsessive in understanding the roots of Tamil words in English. I really find it interesting in reading and learning the root of words. My subconscious mind always insists me that the Latin and Greek roots from which English got derived are directly or indirectly from Tamil.
For last one week I was in search of a good etymological site which perhaps gives me better understanding of words by explaining the root and history of it. Obviously, the book in my shelf is also a result of this search.
Finally I found a site which is fulfilling my requirement specification. I was morbidly obnoxious(I have started using this phrase more after reading Normal Lewis Word Power) in searching the word Tamil there also. I found a rich result set. Those are English words of Tamil origin, after reading those 20 odd words the synapse in my brain, which has the above mentioned subconscious understanding, got a bit stronger.

I would reckon you to have a glance through these intresting roots

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Hariharan Ragunathan said...

"I was morbidly obnoxious" - It can be "I was morbidly obsessive"..that would be apt