Monday, March 3, 2008

Lack of Foresight !

Foresight is an important thing in life which is like a selfcompass.It guides one in choosing direction in life. It decides how much you are aware of your interest, capabilities, passion and more over knowledge on the ambience you are living. when I was doing my graduate I came across lot of people who were not happy with the work they were doing and the life they were leading. I use to question on these guys' attitude and behavior. But now a days I am feeling the same kind of boring you can say monotonous feeling which is really cumbersome.

I am here because of lack of foresight on my carrier, future, ability, desire ??
I was interested and involved in designing electronics circuits and programming processors for automating systems. I was passionate for controlling small systems and components through PC, but where I am now is an irrelevant area. This was outcome of the fact that I was complacent after getting placed in my pre final year. So my complacent attitude (lack of foresight) stopped me from travelling in my favorite path

I was morbidly demoralized when I got into this world of support. Because I thought of doing design of electronic product, developing software applications which involve problem solving through logical thinking. But I had only dreamt of designing, coding and delivering a product to the society.I was not having any plan (foresight) like where I need to be so that I will be enjoying doing things.

Also I was obsessed for learning all things.As I firmly believe everything in this universe is made up of electrons and driven by some logic, I was just learning things which were intresting for me. I have not even thought about what I will do after joining the company, so simple obsession for knowledge without thinking (foresight) about future won’t help anyone in getting what they need.

Being a strong introvert I had avoided to avail the opportunity to interact with professors regarding my interest and with my friends regarding goals in life. This seems to be atrocious right? I was not having any goal and I use to set my goal according to the goals in my ambience. So I was lack in setting a goal (lack of foresight) for me and having plans to attain the goal.

To summarize

• Getting complacent easily
• Lack of future planning
• Getting obsessed with anything
• Lack of Goal in life

Could have finally sent Karthikeyan here. But I cannot simply deny my exponential learning in IT in last couple of years. I have been completely exposed to new things which I have learned quickly and delivering in decent manner.Learning new things is always exiting. But if you are not focused on something and learning everything that come across your life,it won’t make you complete instead it will make you jack of all.So even though there is no harm in being obsessed we need to set a goal so that you can get something out of your input.

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