Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Love learning !

It has been long time since I have attended a classroom training after my "Computer Networks" in eight semester.Yesterday I have been scheduled to attend instructor-led training in Quality Management.Even though it is management related topic I have to attend as it was compulsory for all associates

Unusually I went to class by 45 minutes late.But The instructor was kind enough to allow me to attend(I use to be punctual in attending all my classes in under grads).When I entered in to the class,I remember that he was asking some questions regarding "How you will identify a resource for a project and induct him in to the project ?".I thought how these manager are always thinking something which is intangible ??.As we started looking in to more concepts, subconsciously I got interested in the class and I started listening with enthusiasm.

"Quality is the conformance to requirement specification,Defect is non conformance to the requirement spec."

Great!! I was able to remember all the definition in Quality engineering I have learned my UG.He explained about Metrics used in each Project and process involved in review.I was impressed by two concepts

  • Your code will be reviewed and the bugs in the code will be documented and submitted to that COE(team excellent in that tool/language) in that regional branch.Then the COE team will send trainers to train the developers in to  annul the bad coding standard or related problem in future
  • Second one is there are lot of metrics available to estimate and  track your project.The metrics will be calculated and send to dashboard of the CEO so that he can monitor and raise issue regarding the non compliance of standard or process.

 It was really good feeling to know new things and spending time in thinking about the new thing.It gives fresh blood in your mind to think.After got migrated to  employee life from a student life has become monotonous.

Daily I am thinking about Metasolv and the problem in Metasolv and the numerous ways to improve the system performance(Though I am not getting the rating I deserve for my work).So it has become monotonous for me.Learning new thing is always a good refreshment when you are doing repetitive things.I love learning things which involves logic which basically consumes less memory in your brain.

 I guess its time to change my mode back to a student

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