Monday, September 24, 2007

Finally India Found Sourav's successor from Ranchi !

Dhoni,a new leader we have found from the latest T-20 World cup.He has been natural leader,the way he commands and get work done in the team has been outstanding.After Sourav even we got Rahul as skipper but his nature was not suiting for a leadind a side like India, as he take pressure which finally results in his resignation.But no second thought in Rahul as technically the best player India has ever produced.But Dhoni has got the command which Kapil had when India was top during 1983 and Sourav showed when India dominates all team during 2003.

People may say that T-20 is shorter version and it wont be a correct yardstick to measure once capability as captain,but even then it need more guts and determination to hold your nerve to win matches where one bad delivery cause you a match.

As Sourav commented on a column "Its all about GUTS and DETERMIANTION "to captain a side like India where atleast 70 crores of hearts always want you to win.

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