Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a matter of class not the power

After the famous fifth consecutive win at the center court in All England Tennis club,I expected people will start talking about Federer's supremacy in grass.but the reverse is happening ever column writer is trying to project as if Federer some how got the mark of "consecutive five" and praising Nadal for his effort to made the final as five setter.

I also agree that Nadal is good with his powerful forehand and cross-court shot(Because of which he won the last two final at Roland Garros).But I wont agree with people saying that Rafa will takeover the supremacy from Federer.People are stating that Nadal has broken the serves of Federer in wimbledon final and made him running for cover to get the fifth consecutive one,yes Rafa played a good game and was tough opponent for Federer to beat.But if you take a comparison of these two players you wont say that Federer's supremacy can be taken over from him by a guy like Nadal whose depends purely on power.

Nadal's Power

Basically Nadal's strength is power and stamina which purely depends on his age.As he gets older his speed and stamina will be questioned.Now he is 21 young and energetic to run across the court and take volley and drop shots from the opponent and to hit he ball hard with his forehand and cut the ball across the court.But as he gets older he will find his favorite shots difficult to play with same power.so his game is a inverse function of his age

Federer's Class

Feddy with the trophy for the fifth time in a row

But If you take Federer his game does not rely on his power.he is a kind of player who served with pace(24 aces in the 2007 wimbledon final) and accuracy and using his backhand to save energy and occasionally use the forehand to cruise the opponent across the court.he has been known for this accuracy and all round in his game so he is playing the same way as he did when he was 19 years old.So his game depends very less on his age.So when you compare age and class age may be effective instantaneously but class prolongs for time and will make you a legend whose fame will exists in the tennis world irrespective of time.

So I personally believe that Federer will dominate the tennis world for atleast next three odd years.Even Four more powerful Nadal come into picture they cannot take over the crown from the classy grass king with their power and stamina.It needs shear class to take over the crown from Feddy as he did in 2001 from the classy Pete.

[I think it is analogous comparison people have made by comparing Jayawardene with Sachin the legend when Jayawardene made 200 and we know how Jayawardene's game changed as he spent five odd years in cricket]

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Guru said...

Well.. Have to admit that Feddy is good. But how do you think that every other reviewer's statment that "Nadal is catching up" is wrong? Even news papers reported the same thing? ;)