Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lemuria Where human race originated.

After I have been to Mumbai, more precisely after I am in to IT industry / started using Google search more I search more about the origin of Tamil.
I found a lot of interesting and amazing data about our origin. When I searched I got the word LEMURIA. It was a continent that got cooled first in the surface of hot earth which is believed to be a bit of piece that came out of centrifugal force of a rotating star may be sun before million of years.
Lemuria was a continent connecting Australia in the east to Africa in the west covering the entire Indian Ocean. It was believed to be the place, where human race originated. Then they travel across the globe and differentiated and integrated as multiple races. Tamil people believed to be originated here as Lemurs.

" Kal thoonri mann thonra kaalethe mun toonriya mootha tamzhil"

As decades passed they got civilized along with change in their language and living style. This is quiet obvious from way their Tamil changes from
“Purananooru to Puthu kavithai by Bharatithasaan.”
--------------------I will pen more on this as i get time


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